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Kerri 21 years old free lance photographer likes a nice bash on any percussion instrument and in love with my Les Paul Ukulele!

Have a voice? Speak to me! Got a camera send me some cool pictures. Currently live in Manchester but moving to New Zealand for a year or more in May so exciting times ahead

Question 3

18. May 2012

What’s one thing you’d love to do it FEAR was not a factor?

I’d probably love to sky dive while taking some pictures of others. The fear of heights and the fear of dropping my camera would stop me but that would be epic!! A experience of a life time!!

Question 2

17. May 2012

If you could what word would you remove from the English Dictionary?

Probably want to remove the word c.u.n.t
My reason is you can’t make the word sound nice in any sentence because of the harsh tone it gives off. It really doesn’t sound nice. Its not really needed for what it stands for as it has plenty of other names anyway.:)

Stand sending some in would be happy to send some answers!

Everyday for the next month

16. May 2012

From now to the 16th of june i am going to post a question and answer it will full answers no liing to see if i can accomplish something i start.

i tend not to. want to join in and have real questions feel free to drop me a question and i might just do more than one a day if they are from you guys…

So first question.

Forget about hoping and wishing what is the one thing that will happen for you this year?

Started with a toughy but i hope to be closer in having a job, i am a student and have part times jobs, but i really want to get into my profession and get a business but for that i do need to work harder and get more customers. so hoping people notice my work:)

If you want to play along just reblog and put your answer below i will read then nice to see what others wish for :)