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Kerri 21 years old free lance photographer likes a nice bash on any percussion instrument and in love with my Les Paul Ukulele!

Have a voice? Speak to me! Got a camera send me some cool pictures. Currently live in Manchester but moving to New Zealand for a year or more in May so exciting times ahead

Everyday for the next month

From now to the 16th of june i am going to post a question and answer it will full answers no liing to see if i can accomplish something i start.

i tend not to. want to join in and have real questions feel free to drop me a question and i might just do more than one a day if they are from you guys…

So first question.

Forget about hoping and wishing what is the one thing that will happen for you this year?

Started with a toughy but i hope to be closer in having a job, i am a student and have part times jobs, but i really want to get into my profession and get a business but for that i do need to work harder and get more customers. so hoping people notice my work:)

If you want to play along just reblog and put your answer below i will read then nice to see what others wish for :)

Wednesday, 16 - 05 - 2012